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Obesity and the Autism Population (An update on Mo’s Progress)

August 8, 2016 3:00 pm Published by

A few months ago, the After School program introduced everyone to a young man, affectionately known as Mo. Mo was assigned a personal trainer through Title Boxing Club Forest Hills in order to help lose weight and become physically fit. In addition, the ASP designed a weight loss program to help teach him healthier eating habits, such as portion control and increasing his fruits and vegetables, while decreasing foods with high sugar and saturated fats. Mo began to track the foods he ate with the help of his family and the ASP. Mo has learned to make healthier choices, such as lean proteins and green vegetables. In addition, he has become much more active at the gym. Mo began by working out twice a week and has recently started working out three times a week. He is now able to hold a push up position for 1 minute intervals, he can walk 2 miles on the treadmill without stopping or holding on, and he can lifts weights to name a few things. Mo has now been on his weight loss journey for about 5 months and has lost a total of 48 pounds and 6% of his body fat.

Mo enjoys going to the gym and working on his eating habits; his motivation to work hard is visible and has grown steadily. Mo has become very independent with making appropriate food choices and is independently disciplined.

Below are pictures throughout the last few months. We will continue to track his progress and journey in the months to come.


    When Mo lost 35 pounds he proudly held up a 35 pound weight with his trainer to              show how much he had lost










Mo before and after. The shirt and shorts on the left were form fitting when Mo first started. Now they are too big for him











Mo at his current weight loss…48 pounds down!

















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