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Obesity and the Autism Population (more on Mo’s Progress)

December 19, 2016 3:00 pm Published by

A few months have gone by since Mo’s last update…and the ASP is happy to report that he continues to lose weight and exercise like the athlete he has become. Mo has officially lost 73 pounds!


More than 6 months ago, Mo was assigned a personal trainer through Title Boxing Club Forest Hills, where he has learned to exercise 3-4 times a week. When Mo first began, he had a hard time walking to the train station from the Astoria 38th street ASP (roughly, a 5-7 minute walk). Mo is now walking 3-4 miles on the treadmill with ease. In fact, he participated in QSAC 5k alongside his trainer and ASP Group Leader in October. A huge accomplishment from day one!


mo13    mo4

Mo has now gained enough muscle strength to do modified burpees, a difficult exercise, even for trained athletes. Mo has grown to love his exercise routine and continues to self-monitor his caloric intake. He has learned to make appropriate food choices and use portion control. Mo’s demeanor and confidence in himself have improved significantly. He has demonstrated that weight loss is possible, irrespective of a disability. New behaviors and routines can be learned by adapting instructional methods to meet the learner’s needs and providing reinforcement for target responses. Mo often requires visual and model prompts which are quickly faded out in order to learn new exercises.


Mo’s next milestones will be to reach the 100lb weight loss mark and run the Spartan special heat at Citifield in May 2017!


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